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No endless brand management. No endless PowerPoint presentations and spider diagrams. No Massive Web Platforms to get lost in. One on one personalised support.

Independent Sales Advice

Simple Effective Physical Sales solutions. Short term projects. Single product projects. Ongoing sales and marketing solutions from digital displays to experiential activity.

Branding & Marketing

Support to create your own effective website. Market testing products. Experiential activity. Take A Town marketing. Trade Shows. Pop Up Retail Events and Licencing agreements.

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We ensure that the standards that we set will always put your business and your products at the forefront of everything we do. Being inclusive is at the heart of our culture. At every step of our journey together we will ensure that you are in control of all the key decisions remembering that it is you and your business that we represent. That is what sets us apart from everyone else.
What We Do

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With a team that has decades of experience in retail and product sales we offer a bespoke service tailored specifically for independent businesses.
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We have developed our services based on our years of experience to deliver the most effective solution for every type of product and all types of business. We specialise in retail and face to face sales and build bespoke projects to deliver any desired target.

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